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T.E.E.N. Talk is a Christian based blog site designed to give teens
the opportunity to open up about those sensitive subjects that
tend to do more harm than good. A lot of times, teens prefer to
talk to other teens that have gone through and overcame the
very thing that they are struggling with. T.E.E.N. Talk creates a
platform that allows conversations to go forth, questions to be
answered, advice to be given, and problems to be solved. Our
ultimate goal is to see our youth generation free in Jesus Christ.
T.E.E.N. Talk is a closely monitored blog that was
created for teens of any age to come share what’s
on their hearts. Christian adults are also online
to make sure everything stays within the confounds
of the program, and to answer any questions that
prove to be too difficult to answer. This blog site
is not here to create any conflict, expose anyone’s
personal business, or to cause any problems for
anyone involved. Strictly a place for open and
limited talk for those looking for change.
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